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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.
​Marketing & Communications Support Services
  • Social Media Marketing: Covering events live from either a client’s social media accounts or accounts set up for specific events that we cover. This is a great tool to increase your brand foot print, gain new followers as well as engaging with customers. With us covering the event this way, the client has a chance to dedicate their time to attending to the event.

  • Marketing Officer/Augmenting your team: Based on the premise that many companies cannot afford to keep a dedicated marketing resource on the payroll, we provide a dedicated Marketing resource, to work closely with your marketing, sales or management team to deliver on your strategic objectives that may require an extra Marketing resource. We help clients develop annual marketing strategies, and assist with their implementation, on an agreed hours/week SLA.

  • Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys

Business Process Documentation 


Maze Meadows Consulting offers solutions for business, that are suited to your particular situation or business.

For instance, Our Client, a regional ICT company, recently embarked on a project to Document and Re-engineer company-wide process and policies. They engaged Maze Meadows Consulting, to come up with the Project Approach, Facilitation & Documentation.


The methods we employed helped to cascade this project down to each person in the company. The client has this to say:


“The consultants’ ability to relate to the various levels of the organisation was impressive, from company executives, middle management, engineers and lowest levels of the organisation (she even had to facilitate in Setswana).”


I am extremely excited to work with this amazing woman!!” --  Jason Down, Elite Coaching

Copywriting/Content Development 
We have a versatile content developer and copywriter with a passion for the written/spoken word, who has delighted clients with copy that:
  • is clear and crisp copy

  • translates technical documents into easy-to-understand content

  • cuts across various sectors such as health/medical, business, development, ICT, education & telecomms.

We are experienced in editing, translating, abridging, contextualising and proofreading.


Let your technical documents communicate better!

Research, Audits, Programme Reviews and Consultancy

The company conducts audits and programme reviews and research projects in a variety of sectors, and have cumulative experience in various sectors of the economy such as health, education, training, ICT and mining sector.  These projects range from customer service audits, mid-term reviews, mystery audits, impact assessments, KAB studies and Quality Assessments.

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